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If you still eat artificial food coloring, watch this!

My kids know better than to bring food with artificial colors into our house. nailed it in this vid!

Did you know artificial food coloring is banned in many other countries? Here's why...

☠ Food Coloring - made from petroleum which is carcinogenic.

☠ Red #3 - banned from cosmetics because it's carcinogenic but can still be found in food. 🙄

☠ Red #40 & Yellow #6 - require warning labels in Europe because of their link to hyperactivity.

☠ Blue #1 - linked to kidney tumors, asthma & brain 🧠 neurotoxicity.

☠ Blue #2 - linked to hyperactivity, chromosomal damage & brain/bladder tumors.

☠ Green #3 - linked to bladder & testes tumors.


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