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Binders bind & remove toxins from the body

We live in a toxic world. How are you minimizing your toxic load to prevent and reverse disease?

CellCore binders are amazing! They don't just bind and remove toxins but they also help to restore damaged tissue. They increase cellular energy, improve nutrient absorption, feed good gut bacteria and work all throughout the body (not just in the gut like other binders).

Each binder pulls different toxins. If you aren't sure what you could be toxic with, message me for a self assessment!

-Biotoxin Binder - removes mold, ammonia, sulfur & candida (great for mold exposure, chronic yeast infections) -HM-ET Binder - removes heavy metals & environmental toxins like pesticides and herbicides (great for vaccine detox, autoimmune & neurological conditions, eating non-organic & processed food) -ViRad Chem Binder - removes viruses, retroviruses & radiation (great for cold & flu season, radiation exposure)

You can also open them and drop them in water so the benefits can start as soon as you take a sip - this is a great option for kids as well. Click binder buttons in bio link for more details!


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