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Top 3 Reasons Parasitic Infections Go Undiagnosed

People usually look at me crazy when I tell them the root cause of their issues could be from parasitic infection. That's because parasites are not typically acknowledged by modern medicine and therefore usually go undetected.

Here are the Top 3 reasons why:

#1: Unreliable/unsophisticated/limited diagnostic techniques. Modern medicine isn't advanced enough to detect the majority of parasitic infections. Just ask my clients whose stool samples came back negative for parasites... yet they still passed visible creatures on the protocol.

#2: No noticeable or overtly bothersome symptoms. It can take months or even years for the infection to build up to a point where symptoms are noticeable or uncomfortable.

#3: A misdiagnosis or misunderstanding of symptoms. Because parasites cause such a wide range of symptoms, they are often misdiagnosed as something else.

Want to know common parasite symptoms? Check this out -


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