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Everyday sources of toxic heavy metals

Heavy metals come from many every day sources… food (especially fish), water, air, paint, cheap jewelry, silver fillings, older homes/buildings, cigarette smoke and radiation (your smart phone emits high volumes of radiation while in use!).

It’s virtually impossible to avoid metals since they are all around us but if your body isn’t detoxing them properly they wreak serious havoc on your health. You may be toxic if you suffer from any of these:

• Weight management (metals are stored inside fat cells making weight loss difficult) • Chronic fatigue • Infertility • Insomnia • Brain fog • Depression • Digestive issues • Anemia • Cancer • Autoimmune disease • Neurological disorders

Mercury is found in fish, silver fillings, thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs & the flu shot. It impacts the brain, immunity & kidneys.

Aluminum is found in water, food, medications, foil & many common . It impacts the brain and bones.

Arsenic is found in water, food & air pollution. It affects brain, heart, skin & cancer.

Lead is found in water, food & old paint. It affects liver, brain, bones and kidneys.

Chromium is found in water, food & industrial pollution. It impacts kidneys, lungs & immunity.

Cadmium is found in food, air pollution & cigarettes. It affects heart, kidneys & bones.


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