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Have a plan for cold, flu & covid season!

I can't tell you how many people reach out to me once they have a thriving infection - they don't have time to order antiviral supplements online and are typically too sick to run out and get them at the store (if they're even available locally). Have a plan and stock up now so you can minimize your downtime and/or prevent it all together.

Check out this killer vitamin protocol to boost your wellness and immunity for cold, flu & covid season! This vitamin combo is destructive against all the gross viruses we combat during these cold winter months. I take these daily. 💪

💊 D3- reduces survival & replication of virus and prevents virus from entering the cells (more than 80% of symptomatic COVID patients are deficient in this key vitamin)

💊 Zinc - stops virus from multiplying

💊 Quercetin - blocks virus entry into cells & boosts zinc's fighting ability (also helps boost immunity against allergies)

💊 Vitamin C - antioxidant that stimulates antibodies & white blood cells, kills virus at high doses

💊 NAC - inhibits & neutralizes spike protein + master antioxidant.

💊 Virus Binders (CellCore's ViRadChem or Biotoxin Binder) - bind to viruses & remove them from the body. **Must register with code 1WB98bYU.**

💊 Flu Nosode - inactivated microdoses of this season's predominantly circulating flu strains (think flu shot without mercury & other gross adjuvents). **Must register with code GEE213M.**

💊 Antiparasitics - parasites encourage viral replication and suppress the part of your immune system that deals with the virus. **Must register with code 1WB98bYU.**

Check out my cold, flu & covid protocol in my FullScript portal and be sure to DM me for 20% off!

Make sure your vitamins are 3rd party tested, naturally sourced and don't contain artificial ingredients/fillers - it's well worth the upgrade to maximize your body's immune response!

Put on your immunity armor & stay healthy out there!

**This is not medical advice & is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. **


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