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Measure heavy metals & nutritional imbalances with hair testing!

Measure heavy metals & nutritional imbalances with hair testing!

Hair tissue mineral analysis measures nutritional imbalances & heavy metals that significantly impact health. This test provides deeper insight into your body’s chemistry than what is obtained from blood tests, so we can pinpoint the root cause(s) of your health conditions. Measuring 21 minerals and toxic metals, the analysis will develop a metabolic blueprint of your body.

Types of information obtained from hair include:

• Heavy metal toxicity

• Dietary patterns

• Nutritional imbalances

• Inflammation

• Organ health

• Energy production of your glandular system

• Impact of stress on your cells

• Nervous system patterns

• Metabolic patterns

Test results include a hard copy booklet over 30 pages long outlining the above in more detail + providing diet & detox recommendations specific to your sample. This is a great test for someone who wants to improve their health based on individualized biochemical makeup.

Many of my clients tested negative for metals in their blood but received very different results with their hair test. This is because metals manifest in your tissues, making hair tissue mineral analysis a much more reliable method for heavy metal testing.

The test retails for $195. If you're interested, click here to get started!


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