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Top Supplements for cold/flu/covid season

It seems like everyone around me is catching a variant. There are SO MANY amazing vitamins & supplements you can take prophylactically to keep your immune system boosted without toxic injections. Don't wait until you're sick to boost your immune system - start now so you don't get your booty kicked. This is what my fam takes daily...

💊 D3- reduces survival & replication of viruses and prevents virus from entering the cells (more than 80% of symptomatic COVID patients are deficient in this key vitamin). If you take nothing else, make this a priority!

💊 Zinc - stops virus from multiplying

💊 Vitamin C - antioxidant that stimulates antibodies & white blood cells, kills virus at high doses

💊 Virus Binder - binders like CellCore's ViRadChem remove viruses from the body & stop viral replication.


💊 Quercetin - blocks virus entry into cells & boosts zinc's fighting ability (also helps boost immunity against allergies)

There are so many other amazing things you can add to your arsenal but if you're new to this or are relying on your multivitamin - this is for you! Also, make sure your vitamins are naturally sourced (ideally organic) and don't contain gross artificial ingredients/fillers. One of my fave brands is Garden of Life. And obviously these pair nicely with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


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